Wholesale information

A note from Willow:

Hello!  I love to create authentic, original and whimsical designs for each of my customers.  In order to make this a fun and easy design experience for my customers and for myself, please review my design process and policies below.  -Willow

Design Process:

For towns and events, please send a list of about 10 ideas either to my email or Facebook page.  These ideas should range from events, zip codes, school mascots, historic buildings, landmarks, parks, town slogans etc.  A bullet point list is appreciated, and sending photos as well helps Willow immensely.  We discourage adding businesses to the designs because especially in small towns, if you add one or two businesses you almost need to add them all and it takes away from the “town” itself.  Possibly consider adding specific businesses only if they have been operating for a very long period of time such as 50 years or more.  Be sure to carefully select your ideas on your list.  Willow hand draws each element intentionally to draw your eye around the design, so adding or subtracting elements after the design has been created is difficult and can look cluttered or unorganized.  When sending that list, you may make suggestions of which items should be focal points and which items should be “fillers” if needed.  If you have a specific landmark or anything like that, please send pictures.  For example, instead of just saying “downtown stores” please send a picture of the “downtown buildings”.


If you would like your store logo to be added to the design, she can do so for an additional $125 design fee.


Willow asks that each store send color suggestions or color palettes.  If you have seen different town mugs that Willow has created that you like the colors of, please send those inspiration pictures as well before she begins the design.  Changing colors after the design is created is difficult, and Willow hopes to be able to create something you love on the first go around.

Design time:

Willow has been consistently about 4 months out on designing.  Once your design is ready we will send you a proof to review.  Occasionally during the slower times we’ve had stores say they just can’t place an order right now.  If you know you are on her list but aren’t ready to order until later, please let us know so she can work on others in the meantime and she can create yours later.  If you have a deadline such as a specific event, please tell us that with your list so we can make note of that.


Once the design is complete, we will send you a proof to review.  From there you have two options:

  1. No design fee option: review the mug design for spelling or grammatical errors only. No other changes will be made to the design other than fixing spelling errors.
  2. For a revision fee of $150, Willow can revise spelling, colors, drawings, and the overall layout of the design. The design fee must be paid prior to her starting the revisions and it includes 2 rounds of revisions.  Any revision after those 2 rounds would be $25 each. 

Please remember Willow is an artist, not a graphics designer.  You are hiring her for her artistic vision.

Once the design is approved, we will send you an invoice to be paid prior to printing.  All mugs must be paid for prior to printing and shipping.

Store specific and custom mugs: The same information above applies, however there is a mandatory $150 design fee that must be paid prior to starting the design process.  There is a design fee for these as these are specific to your store and Willow will never put them on her website.

Wholesale information and policies:

Pricing:  Willow’s wholesale price for her mugs is $16 each.  The minimum order is 24 for the initial order, and all other orders can be ordered in any amount but they do ship best in increments of 24.

Website sales: Willow does put all of her designs on her website, although we’ve found that the website sales do not affect store sales at all, usually the website sales is people from further away buying them, or maybe buying multiple town designs at once, for example people from Fertile are going to go to the coffee shop to buy the Fertile mug rather than paying shipping on her website and waiting for it to arrive.  Once you are carrying the designs in your store, if you also have an online store you may sell through your website as well.

Exclusivity: Willow typically only sells the town designs at one store per town.  If a store helped create the design, she would normally only sell the mugs through that store.  There have been instances where a store has went out of business, or maybe placed one order and never ordered again where she would then decide to sell in a different store in that town.

Refund/return policy: If your mugs arrive flawed, broken, damaged etc please reach out to us so we can reprint and replace them for you.  Willow does not accept returns or exchanges if they don’t sell, or if there were oversights by the store during the design process.  All store owners are responsible for double checking spelling. If it is overlooked before printing she will not replace the printed mugs, however she can revise the spelling for the next order placed.

Payment: Once you have placed your order, we will send you an invoice to pay online that includes the price for the mugs and $15 shipping per order.  That can be paid online via credit card, or you can Venmo or mail a check. 

Shipping or pickup: The mugs will be ready to ship out within a couple days of receiving payment.  They ship either UPS or SpeeDee and we have had very good luck with them arriving in perfect condition.  If you prefer to pick them up just let us know.

Reordering:  You may reorder mugs at any time.  Just simply send us a message and we can send an invoice to you.  There is no minimum for reordering, however they do ship best in increments of 12 or 24.

Once you have a mug design created, you can add these additional items to any order:

4x5 magnets: $3 ea in increments of 4

Postcards: $1.50 ea in increments of 25

20 oz Tumblers: $20ea

30oz Tumbers: $22ea

20oz skinny Tumblers: $20ea

Unisex hoodies: Poly blend, Bella and Canvas brand, available in XS-XXL, Athletic Heather, Antique White, and White  $38ea

Unisex Tees: Cotton blend, Bella and Canvas brand, Sizes XS-XXL, White, Gray, or White Slub $24ea

Unisex Crewnecks: Poly cotton blend, Bella and Canvas brand, Sizes XS-XXXL, White, Antique Dust (off white), Athletic Heather $37ea.